What are requirements for images to be uploaded for retouching ?

We accept most of the RAW formats (NEF, CR2, DNG), and most of the digital formats: JPG, TIFF, PSD. We prefer RAW formats.

What kind of file do I receive ?

We send completed images in JPEG, RGB color model. You will have to indicate if you require TIFF format and we will be able to send it to you free of charge

Can I use your services for my amateur Photos ?

Absolutely! We work with amateur photographers , models and other individuals. We can edit your family and travel photography. Please, make sure that you are taking pictures in RAW format.

I am a model seeking professional retouching services. Can you edit my Photos ?

Sure! Ask your photographers to give you files from your shoots.

I don’t have RAW format files. Can you edit JPEG images?

It is possible in most cases. But RAW file allows us to make more dramatic changes, correct exposure, color and many other things keeping high quality of the image. So if you have a chance try to find your RAW files, if not, let us work with JPEG.

Do you offer any discounts if I have more than 100 images that I need to be retouched ?

We have discounts for our regular clients or more than 100 images. Contact us at [email protected] with all the details so we can provide you with your discount code.

Do you provide revisions if I want to make changes to the retouched image?

Sure. We work on the image until you are satisfied with it. We offer free revisions if your new instructions don’t contradict with your initial instructions. We carefully follow your requirements

What if I need to retouch a picture if two different ways/styles?

In case you need two different ways of editing of the same picture you will need to place two different orders and give different instructions for each of them.

How can I upload RAW files?

We recommend using dropbox.com or wetransfer.com. or google drive

How can I pay for your services?

We accept PayPal or visa card or master card .

Do you require credit for your retouching ?

We do not. But we will appreciate if you give us a credit when posting a picture edited by retouching image to Internet or social media

Do you claim the copyright?

No, we do not claim any copyright to derivative retouched/edited images submitted by customers, and customers are always the only copyright owners. Giving us a credit is not necessary, but if you put: “retouching by retouchingimage.com ” when posting images online, we’ll greatly appreciate it .

I don’t want my before/after photographs to appear anywhere on Internet. What is your confidentiality terms ?

Your pictures will never be used for before/after galleries on our website or anywhere else on the Internet. The work we do for you is confidential and we never show anybody the “Before” image. No third party will see originals of the photos. We post processed/edited files to our portfolio to showcase our works only if the client doesn’t specify he/she does not want us to use the edited image in our portfolio.

Do you have satisfaction guarantee?

Absolutely , we provide free revisions, so we’ll not give up on the image until our client is fully satisfied.

What exactly can you change in the model appearance?

Our editors are well trained to change background, correct lighting & colors, slim body, enlarge breast, adjust face shape/plastic surgery, smooth hair, remove acne, remove shadows or glares, improve skin texture, add lip gloss, whiten teeth, define eyes, put on makeup, add tan. Take a look at our portfolio to see the level of photo editing, airbrushing, photoshop manipulations that we do.

Why your photo editing retouching services are so cheap ?

We do our best to keep retouchingimage.com Retouch affordable. We keep our prices as low as we can and hope you enjoy using cheap professional photo editing and retouching service. Hurry up to enjoy our best prices!